Do you enjoy shooting?


From an early age, we have been encouraged to be careful about weapons. Even small children know that there are no jokes with weapons, and that if they find something similar or unexploded ordnance somewhere, they should stay away from it and inform someone of their finding.

postavená zbraň

And so even small children often at least play with weapons when they no longer have access to something similar. Sometimes, as in my youth, with some primitive imitation of it, perhaps with a piece of badge that, thanks to children`s imagination, easily turns into a submachine gun, sometimes with a toy that is to some extent a faithful copy of a firearm, and sometimes even visually perfectly in some internet shooter.

And then when such children grow up? Sometimes a similar hobby in firearms is definitely over, sometimes the use of a weapon becomes a part of their professional life, for example. And sometimes it happens that such people want to shoot in adulthood, but they do not want to join the police or enlist in the army. And if they do not have the appropriate permissions, they should not theoretically have this option. Especially when he`s no longer satisfied with just imitating a weapon.

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Fortunately, even people who liked shooting will come to their senses here. They too can enjoy what they enjoy. But he has to go to the shooting range Prague because of that. That is, where he lends them the desired weapon. And where the instructors will also make sure that everything goes as safely as possible so that nothing bad happens to anyone.

So anyone who likes them can enjoy real firearms at such a shooting range. And not only locals, but also people from elsewhere, if they speak with instructors at least in English. All you have to do is book an appointment here, come here, have everything you need here and start shooting. Of course on a target that won`t hurt in any way.